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I am a London based photographer whose first love is the portrait. I shoot headshots and profile portraits for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, actors and individuals that need their images to bring them ´face to face` with their clients  – like a handshake and a greeting of hello! I assist people in creating a brand worth talking about by capturing images that reflect pride and confidence in who they are and what they have to offer. I strive to take portraits that have a balance of beauty and business, personality, and professionalism.

Being a photographer means being multi-passionate about what to shoot. There are simply so many wonderful things, places and people to photograph. Shooting portraits, however, has always been at the core of my work and it started out in press-photography.  Way back then, I had just won the ”Picture of the Year” Award in Norway, this was 1988 when a friend urged me to head to London and set up business. Well, nothing could have merged better with my dreams and my ‘wanderlust’ – so I jumped on the idea. Since then I have had the great fortune to travel the world with my cameras for the largest newspapers and companies in Scandinavia. One of my first news-assignments after arriving in the UK was to cover the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster. My first experience of ‘elbow shuffling’ – in a big way amongst 200 photographers, was at Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) and Mandy Smith’s wedding. By the time I covered the press conference with boxing legends Muhammad Ali, Joe Frasier and George Foreman I had got more used to the hustle and bustle.

Bono and U2 at Valle Hovin in Oslo, 1993, serenading me.

As luck would have it – I was able to steal some moments alone to photograph a very young Julia Roberts and the beautiful Daryl Hannah at a film press conference before they became world famous. I had some very funny moments too and received an accidental ‘right hook’ blow to the head by a very apologetic UK Prime Minister John Major in a photography-scrum. Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne jumped out of a window in order to avoid posing for the photo he promised me and I was kissed gently by U2’s Bono on stage in front of 10,000 people. The experience of being mobbed by a very angry crowd outside Kensington Palace the day after Princess Diana died, on the contrary, was a very scary one. There are so many memories, but travelling to New York to cover the days following the 9/11 terrorist attack, and being sent out traversing the Far East for five continuous weeks of capturing massive industrial assets for Classification Society DNV (today DNV GL), and not least to be part of the great Summer Olympics adventure in London 2012 as deputy venue photo manager for volleyball, have been truly unique assignments.

Through these experiences, it´s the connection with the individual in front of my lens that inspires me the most.  I truly see the beauty in everyone, and I believe that amongst other things, the speed of my press photography experience enables me to capture the moment when the person in front of my camera is totally relaxed and at ease. That is the moment I look for – always. Nothing gives me more joy than to see people come alive, relaxed and present to the camera, having fun and loving the experience. Creating lasting, impactful images that make a real difference to how people see themselves – is my purpose. Because taking your picture is an act of affection for me, and my aim is to mirror back to you something admirable, maybe something you have failed to discover even yourself. 

When I am not shooting, or giving a workshop – or buying yet another Creative Live web course to study (highly recommended for those who want to learn from the best in the industry) you´ll find me strapping on some high heels to go dancing the Argentine tango. This is my guilty pleasure, a passion I have immersed myself in for many years.

Curious to know more? Here are a few facts not many people know: 

  • When doing my A-levels in Norway I got a job as a television presenter for a local station, (reading bingo numbers!), and was asked to interview Boney-M´s manager. It resulted in me later recording a backing track for the group. ( Yes, singing! On their record! 🙂
  • I collect foreign words in languages I don´t speak, like ´vashniselesnadaroshni` which means a very important train junction in Russian, just for the fun of it and to have something up my sleeve in a small-talk kind of situation. I can, however, write French love letters, and most likely find food and shelter in Spanish.
  • I am savoury – not sweet. Chocolate doesn´t rock my boat. Pickled gherkins on the other hand
  • I am a slave to television programs of people being good with their hands like sewing, pottery, baking, cooking etc. in awe of people’s creativity and ability. Does it make me a better cook? Nope.
  • I believe in kindness. Kindness to others and kindness to ourselves. And though I am not always able to practice what I preach I try. I really try.

Want to work with me? I would LOVE to hear from you. Let me give you a little gift in the meantime: My guide to How to look good in pictures. (coming very soon)




















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