The photo shoot with Nina is a unique experience, from the moment it gets ‘designed’, to the moment you see the result. First comes the creative idea: the time, the place, the ‘concept’ for the look you are going for. I live by the sea, so Nina suggested the beach as a natural backdrop. Light is of paramount importance so be prepared for the extra early start! That’s actually the most difficult thing. Once you are there, the rest is magic. I do a lot of studio-based photo and film sessions, and nearly always it feels like work. Shoots with Nina feel effortless, and time flies unnoticed. There is a bit of preparation in advance, of course (you discuss ideas, select clothes and prepare make up),  but the actual experience feels free and creative. It’s what I would call guided improvisation (being a dance professional, I have lot of appreciation for good direction). Nina’s guidance encourages natural expression and spontaneity, and the result is a hugely enjoyable creative experience, not to mention amazing photos you get in the end.

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