Private Lives

PRIVATE LIVES is my personal art project. ‘ I started working on the series ‘Private Lives’ in 2004, after the idea for a project came to me as I was taking the train at the time of day when people come home from work and their homes seemed to come alive. From the train window I was able to look down into peoples homes and suddenly found myself a spectator to something private. Even though what I saw was normal everyday activity I became aware of leaning forward, curious and interested and I started considering this as a photographic project. Shot at dusk or at night-time, details of people’s homes appear visible along side the opportunity to study their appearance and actions. The photographs are semi-staged as they are agreed to by the subjects and directed in terms pose. But they are non-fictional as they are images of real people in their real homes and shot as they are viewed in the camera. Though voyeuristic in nature, they are commenting on the contemporary obsessions with looking at and comparing ourselves with others.