Ane Tømmerås
Fru Justisia Solicitors, Norway
None of us in my office have ever been familiar with the lens. Actually most of us have felt rather apprehensive about it, as something always seems to come out wrong. With Nina’s amazing magic, we got the best photos ever, both portraits and group shots. Nina’s professional focus, warm and positive attitude and great humor, made us relax and feel confident and happy. Her talent in catching the moment and bringing out the life in a person is admirable! Nina also caught intuitively what kind of expression we wanted from the photos to our new website, and she had creative ideas for the website. I highly recommend nina when a great photo is essential to you!
Kristin Flood:
Author and Journalist, Venice
Nina has a particular ability to connect with the people she photographs. Her extrovert, insightful and charismatic personality makes people in the sometimes sensitive, vulnerable and somewhat ‘exposed’ situation it is to face a camera lens, feel at ease with her. Her many years of experience as a press photographer, combined with the high quality photos she produces, and the ability to keep her cool whilst working under pressure, result in unique and particularly good images both technically and in terms of content and form. Not least does Nina Rangoy have the ability to bring to the fore a person’s character and inner mood, which is fundamental in portrait photography.


Fiona Gosnell
Wikborg Rein Solicitors, London
We recently worked with nina in connection with a team building game of tag-rugby.  We were delighted with the photos nina produced, they were so well taken, expressing every emotion one can feel while playing rugby. Nina was a total pleasure to work with and i would  have no hesitation in recommending her for either personal or corporate events as she is a true professional.
Sally Evans
HR Advisor, DNB Bank, London
We have used Nina on a number of occasions for individual portraits. Nina has also just completed some additional work for us photographing our building/workspace that we can use for marketing purposes. Nina is very professional and makes everyone feel very relaxed which results in excellent portraits. A pleasure to work with and is highly recommended.


Liv Berit Tessem
UK Correspondent for Aftenposten 1995 -1998
Nina was my preferred photographer when i worked as correspondent for aftenposten in the uk in the mid-nineties. She was an eager reporter, always bringing a smile, making people feel relaxed in front of her camera. 17 years on she is even more competent - and wise. Nina has furthermore shot portraits of me and my husband and is the only photographer who is able to make both myself and my husband Kjetil to look just as we feel
Marie Louise Gorvild
Communications Manager, Sustainia/Monday Morning, Copenhagen
After two years of bad picture karma, we finally nailed it! Our photographer from last night, Nina Rangoy, killed it with her pictures. They are fantastic! Thanks Nina. Come join Sustainia soon again


Jennifer Sigley
DNVGL, Oil & Gas, Manchester
Asking nina to photograph over 30 office staff, during a one day shoot, was a big ask, but she carried it off effortlessly. She had a way of making each person feel relaxed and the quality of the photographs reflect this perfectly. Everyone is very happy with their new online image and I will certainly use her again for any future work.
Anne Lise von der Fehr
VG UK and Ireland Correspondent 2012-2014
Nina’s personality, with her cheerful disposition and twinkle in her eye, creates good working relationships. Adaptable and quick to think on her feet, Nina is able to change plans and focus on something new when required, and is always committed and interested in the subject matter at hand. Her active participation in interviews not only adds to the visual quality, but also to the journalistic content.


Greg Bos
Venue Photo Manager – Volleyball London Olympic Games 2012
Nina Rangoy was my deputy venue photo manager at the london 2012 olympics games. Together, we were in charge of photographers and photo services for the men’s & women’s volleyball competition. Our assignment brief also included working with the olympic broadcast services, print journalists, technical and venue event services to ensure a seamless and smooth running media operation at volleyball. Nina was energetic, reliable, self-motivated, creative and most importantly a superb team player with a terrific sense of humour.
Sara Ingman
Private Student, London.
During my photography studies I did my work experience in London with the norwegian photographer Nina Rangoy. I assisted and learned a lot from her; how to think in a journalistic way, how to interact with people and how to use different photographic techniques. However, the most important thing she taught me was to believe in myself. She saw my potential and encouraged me to keep developing. Since then she has continued to be a great inspiration to me.


Neil Mcnab
Student at City/Islington College, London 2006-2007
Nina was an invaluable component to the course, offering expert advice from her wide photographic experience, delivered with professionalism and a real understanding of how to encourage the best from her students
Anne Danielsen
Workshop Participant, Venice Workshop
I have participated at a few workshops earlier, but this time I hit ´bulls eye´. Everything was prepared with careful consideration so as to enable all participants to get the best out of the course, no matter the level of previous photographic knowledge. Nina was very well prepared and shared generously of her knowledge and bag of tricks. It felt like she ´saw´ each and every one of us, at the same time as the group together enjoyed the excursions and feedback gatherings. The workshop was a real source of inspiration to me and i notice that I think differently now, when I take the camera with me. I would absolutely join nina for another workshop


Annemor Larsen
Photojournalist, VG, Oslo
Nina is a professional photographer with extremely good communication skills with all layers of society. She has an impressive wide range in her work, from personal art-projects and journalism to commercial photography. She is as a photographer dedicated, truly caring and a wise sparring-partner in teamwork. She was the first norwegian woman to win the norwegian picture of the year, a national parallell similar to world press photo.
Heidi Angell Strom, Workshop Participant, Venice Workshop
Workshop Participant, Venice Workshop
I travelled to venice for a workshop with nina rangøy with huge anticipation - and discovered that both nina and venice fulfilled my expectations.  With beautiful and challenging vistas awaiting me around every corner, the possibilities for taking wonderful pictures were great. Nina had prepared both theoretical and practical input and challenged me to move outside my comfort zone so much so that I discovered new sides to myself as a photographer. This workshop opened my eyes - to the technicalities of my camera, but also to the artist in me. I became better at composing pictures with a story and meaning and I think it is rare to find oneself, being grown-up, having such a steep learning curve in so few days. So, at the workshop i found my personal project that I plan to continue working on for a long time to come. Nina is both helpful and bothersome, two sides of the same thing that really helped me advance my photography. She is furthermore capable of transmitting her extensive knowledge of photography, which also makes her good at reviewing the participants work. Should the opportunity arise again, I would love to return for another workshop with Nina.





















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